Product Launches

Visualize. Publicize. Merchandize.
A Product Launch is a process that has a lifecycle of its own. It demonstrates how your product capabilities match market needs. Besides creating a buzz in the market, the purpose of a Product Launch is to build sales momentum from the beginning itself. The idea is to ensure that you find your niche through clear positioning and messaging, and timing the launch to maximize sales. So cautious planning is essential for the event to have a lasting impact in the market. We help achieve measurable product launch results and ensure that from beginning to end it is an organic process:
o   Determining demographics, creating product sheets and product websites, venue procurement, product awareness and experiential marketing, launch strategy and event planning
o   Purchasing advertisements, live telecast/webcasting, light/laser and sound shows, screens and projectors, booth design and fabrication, designing packages and merchandising, press conference, comprehensive media coverage, roadshows and grand opening events.

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