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To begin the money related arranging process we have to become more acquainted with and comprehend you as a customer.

To do this, your organizer should solicit parts from inquiries to get some answers concerning you and your circumstance. The accompanying is a case of what ends can be drawn from specific snippets of data:

Fundamental Information

Your level of pay will enable your organizer to measure what rate of expense you pay, and in the event that we can help diminish your assessment obligation.

From this, a nitty gritty rundown of your outgoings will then enable your organizer to discover in the event that you are spending the majority of your pay or whether you can stand to spare.


Your work points of interest, including advantages, for example, infection advantage, life affirmation or benefits commitments, will likewise furnish your organizer with facilitate understanding. This can length from seeing how adequate your present level of assurance cover is or if your organization benefits will give enough pay to live on when you resign.


Inquiries regarding your wellbeing will enable your organizer to build up on the off chance that you can get special rates for an annuity or in the event that you may need to pay a higher premium forever affirmation.


Family points of interest, for example, your number of dependants, can prompt getting ready for a disease or demise to guarantee that your closest and dearest are fiscally secure if the most exceedingly awful was to occur.

So loads of inquiries…

The responses to the majority of the above and more will at that point be considered and talked about in more noteworthy detail. From this, Swallow Financial Planning would then be able to enable you to begin a monetary arrangement to make a safe money related future for you and your family.

Our customer can access the truth and can be found HERE and our notes on how we function with new customers can be found HERE

Australia Business Week in India
Australia Business Week in India
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Corporate family days
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Product Launches
Corporate family days, Product Launches
Sony-Global Management Meet
Conference Management, Product Launches
Raheja – SEZ Launch
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Korean Festival
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Launch Event – King Bruce
Live Events and Festivals, Product Launches
IGL-Family Day Celebration
Corporate family days
Korean Association in India – Meet
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Rendezvous Korea
Conference Management, Live Events and Festivals

Mileage Corporate – The Art and Science of Events

The actual or measurable benefit to be derived by organising an event is what inspires any company to undertake activities such as product launches, conferences, etc.  We at Mileage can help you optimally leverage these events and utilise these platforms to promote your organisation and make your mark in the industry. After all, it’s not just about the years , it’s about the mileage!